I'd Rather Live A Life of Oh Wells Than What If's.
A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving - Lao Tzu
Strength and Honor my friend. Those 8 drams took 15 years to make, Imagine how sweet your life will be in 15 years. In the making of that scotch parts of it were burned. Chopped. Boiled. And Pressured, an each step gave it it's character and appeal. Just like the scotch, life is better with character. Win or Lose, Never stop Fighting. - Rhinoponomous
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-Legal Name: 
Vertai the Defender. 

-Nicknames: Defender, Book worm, clean freak. 

-Date of Birth: Sometime around October, that’s after he made the transition into human societal standards. 

-Gender | Species: Male | Draenei. 

-Place of Birth: Draenor, before the corruption of the Horde and the destruction of the world with the opening of various portals. 

-Current Living Conditions: Stormwind City, The Mage Quarter. 

-Spoken Language: Common | Draenic | Orcish [Rusty at times]

-Occupation: Knight-Champion [Up for promotion soon] | Champion of the Alliance | Defender of his people | Part time Librarian. 

-Accolades | Rewards: Various medals of achievement and victories throughout battles and skirmishes.  Numerous accommodations from Tol barad, Wintergrasp, Alterac Valley, Arathi Basin and Warsong Gultch. 

-Drink | Smoke | Drugs:  Yes | Maybe | No. 

-Like[s]: Reading his books and books offered to him by others, assisting those in need, studying under the influence of the Light, fighting and anything that would follow suit in that category, winning in any situations; granted he knows when to take the lose, being clean, women and winning in the name of his People and the Alliance.

-Dislike[s]: Having the feeling of disgust about himself and feeling of being filthy, beings who are over zealous, uneducated people, those who would see the Light fail, the Burning Legion; like come on, those who use their power over others who can’t protect themselves and losing. 

-Fear[s]: Losing his faith in the light, letting the Burning Legion win and destroy the last of his beautiful society and culture, Kakorrhaphiophobia, letting those he cares about die when he could of stopped it and the cease fire ending. 

======+ [Physical Information] +=======

-Height: 7’8” Feet Tall. 

-Hair Color: 
Ivory White. 

-Eye Color: 
Vibrant Cyan Blue. 

415+ Pounds. 

Adult. After spending his time on Azeroth, those years quickly meshed together and the numbers soon became beyond normal comprehension to most of Azeroth’s sentient creatures. However, in Human societal standards, he would claim to be early to mid thirties. /Shrug. Humans. 

None, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t liable to change. His white skin remains untouched by any ink, but it is touched by battle. 

Due to the influence of someone, he has recently acquired a tongue piercing; white gold material with a vibrant purple gem on the tip. -Special piercing- information not disclosed to the public of course, or else it wouldn’t be special. 

========+ [COMPANIONS & PETS INFORMATION] +=======

Great Exarch’s Ellek: Silar of Halaa 
Snowy white Gryphon: Farune the Steady. 
Proto-drake: Taror the behemoth. 

=========+ [RELATIONSHIP INFORMATION] +========

-Sexual Preference: Straight.
-Relationship Preference: Not Married | was courted to a woman in the early years of arriving on Azeroth, but she soon vanished from the face of the world. 

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New Post has been published on http://www.sanitarium.fm/archives/5219Robin Williams NPC could be a genieLast week Blizzard responded to a fan-made petition, asking if Robin Williams, who had recently died, could be paid tribute to by adding an NPC that would utter some of the comedian’s best jokes. Now some datamined files from the latest beta build have thrown up some character models that could …… read more »


New Post has been published on http://www.sanitarium.fm/archives/5219

Robin Williams NPC could be a genie

Last week Blizzard responded to a fan-made petition, asking if Robin Williams, who had recently died, could be paid tribute to by adding an NPC that would utter some of the comedian’s best jokes. Now some datamined files from the latest beta build have thrown up some character models that could …… read more »

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Is it bad?


That we are close to tears of thankfulness hearing that Robin Williams WILL be memorialized in WoW and very possibly in LoZ? We loved that guy so very much and are feeling a sense of personal loss, as it were, as though we knew him personally even though we obviously did not.

Is it wrong we feel horrible that we never got to know him nor sent him letters of recognition? We feel… guilt and shame over it, to not have directly contacted and supported one of our greatest idles while he still lived.

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When the Dragon Aspects decided to seek out the powerful artifact known as the Dragon Soul for use against their corrupted brother Neltharion, the Bronze leader Nozdormu began to search the timeways for an access point from which to retrieve it, and he found the Ways blocked. Somehow, something in the distant future was preventing the Timeless One from probing that point in time.

After summoning a band of adventurous champions for assistance, Nozdormu waited in this distant Future known to him as “the End Time”. When the maddened Neltharion - now known as Deathwing - could not be defeated, he brought about the Cataclysm and collapsed in ‘victory’ atop Wyrmrest Temple. The frigidity of Dragonblight long since burned away, all that remained in this desolate land were ruins. After defeating the warped, time-lost echoes of four mortals’ lingering essences in the Ruby, Emerald, Azure, and Obsidian dragonshrines, Nozdormu brought the group of mercenary heroes to his own shrine, where the anomaly blocking his access to the Timeways waited.

Murozond was once the Bronze leader himself, but the titan who blessed him with power over time, also showed him the moment of his own demise. At some point, whispers of the Old Gods tricked Nozdormu into attempting to subvert his own death. The only creature who could thus interfere with Nozdormu, was Murozond, who stole away the Hourglass of Time from the Caverns in which it rested. With the aid of this tool, once again under the blessing of Nozdormu, its rightful master, the heroes defeated the anomalous Infinite Dragonflight, and continued on - back in time - to the Sundering.

(Part 1 of 3)