I'd Rather Live A Life of Oh Wells Than What If's.
A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving - Lao Tzu
Strength and Honor my friend. Those 8 drams took 15 years to make, Imagine how sweet your life will be in 15 years. In the making of that scotch parts of it were burned. Chopped. Boiled. And Pressured, an each step gave it it's character and appeal. Just like the scotch, life is better with character. Win or Lose, Never stop Fighting. - Rhinoponomous
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 ERROR; or on hubris || listen

For some people gravity is but a mere afterthought.
The flight makes them bold, and they soar so high that they can only fall down. After all, d
aring boys always pay the price for overstepping their humanly bounds.
                                            To Henry. To Icarus. Rushing to their early graves.

i. boy lilikoi, jónsi // ii. fly, ludovico einaudi // iii. falling, woodkid // iv. inferno, sir sly // v. icarus, bastille // vi. i know you love to fall, message to bears // vii. gravity, abstract aprils // viii. boy 1904jónsi & alex

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I had a dream where IRL conversations worked like in RPGs and you had to directly face each other while talking and you were rooted in place for the duration of the conversation. I was stuck in a loop because my coworker kept talking to me when I was trying to move away from him